This blog may not start out any different than many other peopleโ€™s stories. I’m a mom. I have been blessed with 6 amazing grown and sucessful children. I have 8 beautiful grandchildren. I am married to my best friend, my person and the one I was meant to spend the rest of my life with.

I am also forever broken. I am missing a huge part of myself. I am a suicide survivor. My oldest daughter, Danielle, lost her life in February of 2019 at the perfect age 33. My life will never be the same.

Through this journey so far, I have learned so much and, yet, I have so much still to learn. For example, I learned how to take a breath when the weight of the world is so heavy on your chest and there is no one strong enough to lift it that you feel you may suffocate. I learned to get up in the morning realizing that the only person you want to hear from is gone forever. Perhaps the biggest lesson I learned early on is that depression has the power to kill. Depression killed my beautiful daughter by lying to her in the darkness of the night, telling her why she would be less of a burden to her family and friends if she was gone.

This time she listened. This time our world completely and utterly fell apart.
My hope is to help other suicide survivors as they walk a journey they never wanted. It is to help those who may be suffering from mental health challenges and needs some help or perspective. My hope is to help the friends and families of those touched by depression, anxiety, self worth issues and suicidal thoughts. This has become my reality. And I pray, your reality never parallels with mine.