The view from my balcony reflects the many hues of blue, turquoise, green and navy of the water, and is surrounded by lush green grass on the hills, mountains and islands. The speckled pink yellow, green, white and blue dots are all significant markings of the life and civilization that surround me in this otherwise garden of paradise.

In the distance I can vaguely see you swimming as free as a mermaid. You throw your head back, laugh your unforgettable laugh and play with the dolphins nearby. Your hair floats effortlessly on the tranquil water and the smile on your face radiates a light that only can be reproduced in Heaven. Your beauty is mesmerizing and my heart begins to ache because I can only get so close, then your image fades into the glorious spectrum of the ocean and you become a mere image in my own imagination.

Softly, I hear you speak: “We’ll be together again soon, Momma. So very soon. Until then, always remember..

I am the breeze off the ocean, The rainbow in the sky, The midst from the clouds, The stars passing by.

The scent from the water, The moon full and bright. The palms swaying freely, The shadows in the night.

I’m the one who sees your tears, And dries them with my wings. My heart plays the music, That a bird softly sings.

Your morning sun will shine, The light will bring you peace. My God will give you comfort, The pain will surely cease.

Please hold this vision closely, For I’m deep within your heart. As soon as we’re together, Our Forever then can start.”

I hold tightly to these thoughts, tuck this picture of you into my most precious hiding place of my heart and feel the warmth of your amazing hug. Dani-bumps encompass my arms, the ocean breeze blows softly through my hair and a fragrance as sweet as your perfume fills the air. Right now, all is well with my world and I know you are safe.