It rolls around every year.
The beginning of so many new things:
Football season
A new school year
Leaves beginning to change
Crisp cool nights…
Oh yes, don’t forget it is also
Nationwide Suicide Prevention Awareness Month.

Dripping with sarcasm to mask the pain I feel, this month gives not only an opportunity, but a purpose to shout it on the rooftop:

“Untreated depression can kill you!” Trust me, I know. It killed my beautiful first born daughter, Dani, and not a day goes by that I don’t miss her in my world or her chance to positively change your world.

This is a month set aside to train yourself to reach out and ask your people if they are okay emotionally. I mean are they really okay?
Not just a smiling and an “I’m fine” response. But a time to learn and watch for the symptoms and signs of suicide.

So this month, it is time to be will aware.
This won’t make you smile, but it will make you see how losing a child to suicide makes you dig deeper into yourself and your loved ones world, and praying you can save just one person or one family from the depths of pain caused by suicide.

988Lifeline text or call 988 if you need help.

#nojudgement #fight4dani #33forevermom

Smiling Depression